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NOVA Issues

NOVA and its recent problems.

As you well may know, NOVA has plans to close 200 schools. As there are 74 NOVA schools in Kyushu it is fair to say that about 20 schools may affect our members if they close. Nagasaki closures have already been reported in the press.

However, bigger problems are looming for our members. With non-payment and late payment of salaries being reported, reports of building landlords evicting NOVA schools and teachers from apartments, there is a real threat that NOVA could apply for protection from their creditors.

In this case, members will probably not get paid and jobs would be lost.

What can our union do to help?

  1. Firstly, our advice to members is "Do not quit". By voluntarily quitting you forego your eligibility to immediate (about a 3 week wait) employment insurance (dole.) If you quit you will have to wait 3 months. (remember you must have been working for 6 months to be eligible for employment insurance).

  2. As long as NOVA are afloat they must pay employees for time worked. It is advisable to keep going to work until you receive termination notice.

  3. Members should keep all pay slips, documents and schedules. These documents will be important in any future claim. You are entitled to pay for time you have worked.

  4. If a members visa is up for renewal soon, go to immigration as soon as possible and renew.

  5. If a member is living in a NOVA apartment and is threatened with eviction it is advisable to contact the union ASAP.

  6. Remember each individual member's case may be different and advice may vary depending on the instructor's situation.

The Fukuoka General Union offers help to its members. For more information please contact the Fukuoka General Union. If you are not a member of Fukuoka General Union, then please see the join us page.

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