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News and information, recent articles about Fukuoka General Union.


Recent announcements from the Fukuoka General Union.

National Union Voice

Issues of the National Union Voice.

Message to Howdy Students (ハウディ問題に、今日の説明会)

"We want our money back" Demo.

NOVA Issues

NOVA and its recent problems.

Teacher Termination (2007)

Victory for FGU in Hiroshima High School Teacher Termination.

Changes afoot at Kitakyudai (2004)

Changes at Kitakyushu University.

大活躍! (2004)


Foreign Teachers Wasting Money (2004)

Foreigners and pensions.

ALC (2004)

Miscommunication between management and employees.

Berlitz (2003)

Berlitz branch information.

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