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Berlitz (2003)

Berlitz branch information.

In April 2003, we reported on the flexible floating contracts being offered to Instructors at Fukuoka L.C. Instructors were under the impression that these contracts were a temporary measure and they would soon be put on the standard MG35/40 contracts. Well, 5 months after hiring and not a single MG35/40 contract in site. It's hardly surprising really! Why take Instructors off contracts that are saving the L.C. money. Why should Berlitz care that the 'flexible floaters' keep Instructors in 'lesson limbo'. The new Instructors at Fukuoka were hired under their current contracts in February 2003. The Fukuoka I.S. has kept them on these contracts although paperwork officially registers these contracts as MG35/40s. We can envisage the Labour Standards Office making a simple request for rosters and all those floaters will be converted to out of contract and rest date rate lessons. The Berlitz Union requests all readers to submit details of any irregular contracts they are aware of. We will display the results on the Berlitz Union website. http://berlitz.generalunion.org

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