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Welcome to the Fukuoka General Union website. The Fukuoka General Union's purpose is to maintain and improve the working conditions of our members in Fukuoka Prefecture. Any non-management worker of any nationality is welcome and encouraged to join the union. The Fukuoka General Union is part of a national private sector trade union known as the National Union of General Workers (Zenkoku-Ippan). We belong to a confederation known as Zenrokyo (National Trade Union Council).

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Monthly Meeting

The next meeting will be held at the union offices at Biotope will be the monthly meeting on Sunday March 6th from 6pm. Anyone wishing to join the FGU must attend this meeting.. Refreshments will be avaliable after the meeting.


Are you concerned about job security? Don't understand your contract? Not getting paid holidays? It is always better to join the union BEFORE trouble starts.
Want to quit your job but employer threatening you with retailation? You should join the union for immediate help.
Are you an ALT concerned about your conditions? Don't know whether you will get renewed? Are you getting married and need legal heath and pension cover to start a family? You should join the Union. Dispatch companies divide and conquer your conditions. The Union protects your conditions and rights. Talk among your fellow ALTs and take action.@Don't let dispatch companies change your conditions mid-contract. Talk to the FGU first!

Do you think you are going to get that performance bonus?@Union members know how companies get around it.

Feature article THE ALT SCAM
Thinking of becoming an ALT? Check out the FGU's list of Dos and Don'ts


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